WordPress: A FREE Alternative to Hubspot [GUIDE]

Wordpress Lead Generating MachineLead generation is key to any business. With online tools it became quiet easy to generate leads and help them move down the sales pipeline to the ultimate sale.

Hubspot is one of the best marketing automation platforms out there, but with the title comes the price. The basic monthly plan is around $200. That’s something not many startups and small businesses can handle in this economy. But they need leads to survive, they need them to feed their pipeline and produce customers.

Well, not all is lost. With proper setup any business can turn WordPress into a lead generating machine. The WordPress ecosystem of plugins and themes provide necessary tools to create an amazing alternative to Hubspot. As much as I love Hubspot, even smaller guys deserve something affordable.

This is why I’ve decided to write a guide to help nudge folks into the right direction in setting up WordPress as a lead generating machine. No downloads and no signups. Just click the link and go read it, you won’t be disappointed. It offers the foundation necessary to get you started.

Go read  WordPress: An Alternative to Hubspot now >>

I’ve also included a 10 question quiz that will tell you what’s right for your business based on your needs, Hubspot or WordPress. So go now, read the guide and see if you can start generating leads with WordPress.

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Happy Clients

  • We’ve just converted our Website from Hubspot to WordPress. We used Viktor to do this and we have been delighted with the results. Not only will we save a lot of money now that we are on Wordpess but as we got Viktor to redesign the site we now have a site that is far better than what we had before. Viktor knows WordPress inside and out which was vital because it meant he could tailor the theme we chose to give us exactly the look and functionality that we needed. He also set it up so that we can amend the site ourselves so that we can keep control of the day to day tweaks and edits that we will need to make. If you are thinking of switching from Hubspot, or even just thinking of a web redesign we can fully recommend Viktor. Dr. Jonathan Evans (Osteopath) - ION Health Clinic

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