On Journalism

I had to do Q&A with a journalist or a blogger for my Newswriting class focusing on journalism. A friend of mine, Tom Melchiorre, is a seasoned writer and journalist. I thought he would make a great subject for a quick interview. You will find this interview engaging. Tom... Continue reading this »


I've been pretty busy for the past 2 weeks, not only with school work and Reporter magazine, but also with AAI convention that is coming up this weekend in Montreal. I'm happy this will be over soon as it has taken a good chunk of my time. But this will also... Continue reading this »


I love beer! Simple as that. I don't drink liquor or wine, or anything other than beer. I do prefer white ales like Blue Moon. Those simply taste too good, a drink of gods as I like to say. Fortunately, I was able to score a free ticket to a local... Continue reading this »

September 11, 2010

Before the pro-Muslim rally, I spent the morning around WTC. The 9th Commemoration ceremony was under way, but it was limited to families and friends. So, I roamed around the streets surrounding WTC to see what people were up to. Also, I've uploaded great deal of photos from the pro-Muslim rally,... Continue reading this »


Well, it's September 1st. Few more days and school starts. It's been an interesting summer. I hoped for something better, but weather didn't really help me do what I wanted to do. On the other hand, seeing family was a good thing. Few more days and I'll be back to being... Continue reading this »

Dying for Treatment

I was checking out various projects on Pulitzer Center's website and stumbled upon a great slideshow by Marco Vernaschi. The title of the slideshow is "Dying for Treatment", which documents struggle of pregnant women in Guinea Bissau (didn't know about the country until now) to... Continue reading this »


I was waiting for a train on the 34th street in NYC and figured I take few shots with my phone's camera. Subways have always intrigued me and I'm looking forward to exploring them with my camera next time I'm in NYC.


First day back and I feel great. I wanted to share some thoughts on Lufthansa while they're fresh. I made a right choice when I picked them to fly me to Ukraine. They were comfortable and I didn't even notice 8 hours pass by. It might be due to the plane being... Continue reading this »

When in Munich

I'm in Munich, Germany right now waiting on my connecting flight to Washington, DC; then to NYC. Should be there before midnight tonight. Germans know what security means, they're definitely on top of it. In US when you have connecting flights you simply go from one terminal to another, done. Oh... Continue reading this »