The secret identity of blogger's block

Do you really know why you get stuck blogging from time to time? Many people refer to it as blogger's block, you don't know what to write about. Hence, you begin to post on your blog less frequently, and then you just stop. It's frequent occurrence and a good way... Continue reading this »

Why your social media efforts suck

In one of my photojournalism classes, we keep hearing one thing over and over again: Just putting things together does not make a good picture. Why not replace "a good picture" with "social media strategy"?  Just putting things together does not make social media strategy. It's just a pile of things.... Continue reading this »

Adopt-a-market approach to social media

So, today in my photojournalism class we got a longterm assignment of adopting a neighborhood in Rochester, NY. The idea is to get to know the neighborhood, people, and everything there is. No, it's not about reading online or visiting it once. The point is to visit it few times a... Continue reading this »