Horse blinders got you fired!

The society, including parents and everyone else, has an uncanny ability to impose limits on us that hinder us in the long run. They put horse blinders on us. We can't question authority, we have to get college education, we have to follow the rules, we can't rebel, we... Continue reading this »

Your brand is dead! Unless…

It has a personality.

Brand  personality

Brand identity is lifeless. I don't want to identify you, I want to deal with you, let you be part of my life, be my friend, let you help me make decisions. I need you to have a personality, that's what matters the most. That's life,... Continue reading this »

Syncing death of brand authenticity

While  going through #usguys stream I stumbled upon a tweet, which offered social media tip #15. I won't name who it was, that's not really important. The important part is the tip they offered. It sounds like a pretty good tip, doesn't it? Saves you time from updating individual accounts... Continue reading this »

Trust Agents book giveaway

Yes, I'm giving a way a free copy of Trust Agents. It's an amazing book. I've listened to an audio version (7 hours) several times now and will keep listening. The book is almost like an encyclopedia about online influence and trust building. I stumbled upon it by accident... Continue reading this »

Don't be Amtrak

I was recently traveling to NYC with Amtrak. It's not a bad deal, for what you pay. Plus, I don't have to drive myself; which is the biggest selling point for me. Not a fan of driving for many hours. But this last trip on Amtrak was different. I... Continue reading this »

Don't be the white noise

Today was the second day of my NYC trip, which is part of my photojournalism program. You can read about the first day of the trip and what I learned at the post titled "You leave when the story is done, not before." The day turned out to be really... Continue reading this »

Necessary evil, New York Times online goes premium

Yes, it's finally happening. The internet world is buzzing with news about NY Times' (NYT) paid subscription access to their online content. On March 28th you will no longer have full access to their online articles. They are offering 20 articles per month at no cost. It's really nothing. Avid... Continue reading this »