4 Tips to razor-sharp marketing objectives

Objectives are at the heart of everything we do. We use them to determine how successful our activities are. Yet many marketers fail in setting effective marketing objectives when they write a marketing plan. Marketing objectives are goals, in a sense, telling us what needs... Continue reading this »

When will Facebook die?

Everything has a lifespan. There's nothing in the world or universe that is immortal. It is just a matter of time. Social media and social networks are in their infancy. They began gaining ground only few years ago. We haven't been around it long... Continue reading this »

What does it REALLY take to be successful?

You've heard it: time, patience, determination,  perseverance, education, support from others, creativity, _______. You fill in the blank with a quality that your parents, friends, collegues, and    strangers on Twitter told you. They are absolutely right, but not quiet. Yes, these qualities are paramount to be successful. But my... Continue reading this »

What is your mission? [VIDEO]

Do you really know what your mission is? Be it a business mission or personal mission. It is very important to identify what exactly are you trying to accomplish. Without one, or with one that's too long and complicated, you won't have much of a direction. You can't wander around, trying... Continue reading this »

Simplicity sells

Attention span is almost nonexistent. We are ultra selective. Fear is always right around the corner. Everyday we are bombarded with generic nonsense, it never stops. Hundreds of products to do this, hundreds of products to do that, thousands of service providers to help you with everything. It's next to impossible to... Continue reading this »