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Well, I’m a human. That pretty much entitles me to voice my opinion on any topic I want. But, I choose to focus on just a few. Trying to be niche you know. Plus, I enjoy writing about them.

Short version: Born in Ukraine, went to high school in Brooklyn, served in the Navy for 4 years, did event planning for 2 years, degree in Photojournalism with Journalism minor from Rochester Institute of Technology, and working on my start-up business (Viktorix Innovative), which right now runs  Viktorix.com  and developing Book to Speak. In the meantime, I help small businesses generate leads online with an effective use of inbound marketing.

That was the short version. Now for the longer version. I really love everything and that’s a big problem. That’s how I got dragged into event planning for a non-profit during my last year in the Navy. But, I’m an artist at heart. One of the reasons I’m majoring in photojournalism (and minoring in journalism). The other reason, I hate math. Shh. Don’t tell my godmother, she’s a math teacher. No joke.

But, it seems like I have a bigger heart than I expected. Not only do I have room for art there, I got a new tenant: business. Never thought of myself as a business type, but maybe that’s the point. I don’t want to wear business suite and manage people. I’d rather wear a t-shirt and lead people.

That’s what I’m doing with Viktorix Innovative and Viktorix.com. I’m building my own business from scratch, bootstrapping it. No VCs, no angel investors, just sweat and whatever I can get out of my empty wallet. You would be amazed how much you can find in an empty wallet… It’s called “do it yourself.”

That’s what I try to bring to the table: being human, common sense, art, journalism, and entrepreneurial spirit. My ideas and thoughts are shaped by such awesome people as Seth Godin, Robin Sharma, Richard Brenson, Darren Rowse, Chris Garrett, Chris Brogan and many more. If you don’t know them, Google them. Read them. Subscribe to them.

I’m not asking you to read my blog or agree with me. Please, do disagree. I love dialog. That’s really why I blog. I want to make people think about ideas I have. Engage them in a friendly dialog. Communication is the key to success. I wish more people knew about it. That’s why I love social media, it lets me talk to people nonstop, learn and share ideas. That’s so awesome!

Do comment, I always reply to my comments. You can tweet me too. We can be friends or we can be friends. I really don’t have enemies, besides that evil  chihuahua  owned by my girlfriend’s  roommate. I think it wants me dead.

Connect with me on LinkedIN, that’s cool too. I love expanding my professional network.

Hmm some random things I love are Family Guy, House, Eureka, Stargate series, audio books, Kindle books, love Caesar salad, love traveling, and I love events (conventions, etc.).

But, I really do hope my posts will make you think and help you be successful in business and life. That’s all that matters. Feedback is always appreciated!

Yours truly,

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  • Viktor knows his stuff…From the quote right through to final delivery (including a great instructional video) he was a pleasure to deal with. I was slow with my responses due to work load, and he stuck with me and provided me with exaclty what I asked for. Highly recommended for Internet marketing, wordpress, landing pages, fast and reliable. Many thanks. Trevor Coltham

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