My current online avatar throughout social media.

My current online avatar throughout social media.

A quick introduction is in order.

Over the past five years I’ve worked with small businesses helping them turn their website into a lead generating machine. While working with clients who used HubSpot, I noticed they were not using it to its fullest potential and were not ready to invest more money into having someone else completely manage it for them. They were just getting by, month to month. Paying premium fees, yet not getting full advantage of the platform.

During previous years working in event planning and some side projects, I did begin learning and using WordPress.

One day it hit me. Can I use WordPress to do what HubSpot does? At least to some extent that would benefit small businesses without a huge budget?

The answer was yes. In the early days, however, there were no plugins available that small businesses can take advantage of now. But, after months of research, work, and testing I began working with my existing HubSpot clients to slowly migrate them to WordPress. That’s when I knew I was onto something pretty amazing.

In 2012, I wrote the first basic guide on how to use WordPress as a free alternative to HubSpot. Not only people loved it, but it still receives a ton of traffic. Since it’s been 2 years now and some things I recommended have become obsolete, I am working on an updated WordPress marketing automation guide due out summer of 2014.

Using WordPress for marketing automation and lead generation was not the only AHA moment for me during my work with small businesses. I had another one, and now after 2 years of work it’s ProjectArmy. My goal is simple with ProjectArmy, provide small businesses the marketing solutions they need, with cost certainty and free marketing advice. I would highly recommend you check out my Why video.

In addition to my marketing consulting work with small businesses, my experience in event planning lead me to create one of the popular event planning blogs called Viktorix – which I’m currently in the process of overhauling and re-branding.

Feel free to engage with me on Twitter, Google+, Facebook (I prefer G+ though), Instagram, LinkedIn,, Pinterest, and read my posts on Viktorix and the Lean Marketing blog. Feel free to schedule a call with me.

I really do hope my posts will make you think and help you be successful in business and life. That’s all that matters. Feedback is always appreciated!

Yours truly,