BlogDash Offers $15-25 for DoFollow Anchor Text Links

BlogDash Pitch 1
Disguised as a blogging opportunity, BlogDash pitched me (and many other bloggers in their database) for the third time to "produce 1 unique post on what you like best and what will excite your readers." The First Time Back in October, I received my first pitch on Blo [...]

LastPass: Homepage Calls to Action Mistake and a Lesson

LastPass Homepage Call to Actions
Most businesses send a lot of traffic to their homepages, but most homepages are not effective. This was the case with LastPass, a password manager. I started researching password managers that offer additional functionality for businesses and teams, and LastPass wa [...]

How to Create Conversion Optimized Contact Forms [INFOGRAPHIC]

In reality, you really need 2 things to generate leads online - a website and a contact form. Without getting into marketing automation mambo jambo, let's keep it simple this time. The contact form is probably one of the most important elements in your lead generatio [...]

Inbound Marketing Is a Complete Waste of Money When…

Inbound Marketing Waste of Money
For the past few years consultants from all over the world have been pushing inbound marketing (online marketing) down business owners' and executives' throats, preaching the Gospel of Google as written in the Sacred Scrolls of Valuable Content. And rightfully so, it' [...]

2 Misconceptions Hubspot Spreads About WordPress

Hubspot is a great lead generation and marketing automation platform. They are very good at marketing and very good a selling their software. That's why they're the most popular and known software out there, with other platforms trailing behind it. But today, I was a [...]

Critical Mass Coast to Coast Radio Show Interview

Critical Mass Coast to Coast Radio Show Interview Earlier this month I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Richard Franzi on his radio show in Orange County, Critical Mass Coast to Coast about inbound marketing and WordPress. This was my first radio interview, and I quiet enjoyed it. A few people told me they [...]

Perfect Landing Page Blueprint from KISSmetrics [INFOGRAPHIC]

Landing Page Blueprint
Lead generation relies heavily on effective landing pages to convert traffic into leads (conversions). If you don't have any landing pages, or at least any good ones, you won't be able to take advantage of your traffic. The best way to find out what works on a landin [...]

8 Hubspot Alternatives for Marketing Automation

8 Hubspot Alternatives for Marketing Automation Hubspot is good at what they do, that's why they are one of the most well known marketing automation platforms on the Internet. But, they are not the only tree in the forest. There's actually quiet a few of them that offer core functionality a business needs to successf [...]

7 Deadly Mistakes That Led to LogoGarden’s SEO Demise

7 Deadly Mistakes That Led to LogoGarden’s SEO Demise LogoGarden is a DYI logo maker platform, where anyone can create logos easily from a library of elements, and recently they got kicked way back in search results for their primary keywords:  Logo Design, Logo Maker and Logo Creator. In a blog post, Negative SEO  Vi [...]

A Message to Those Who Hate Frequent Google Changes

A Message to Those Who Hate Frequent Google Changes Many of you constantly complain about frequent Google changes. They changes, small and big, affect billions of websites and can kill a business within a month. Those who complain are the ones that produce low quality content to generate ad revenue, to simply waste pe [...]

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